Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Week at Port Novem

This Friday is Halloween so we've got some special DJ sets lined up this week. Last night was the Port Novem debut DJ Magdalena Kamenev. She played a long set and, still, it wasn't long enough! On Wednesday, Oct 29th, DJ Dybbuk Denimore spins Glam and Glitter, from 7-9pm SL. You won't want to miss this! Then on Thursday, October 29th be sure to join us for a special set of Halloween inspired music, as chosen by DJ Kiralette Kelly, as usual from 7-9pm SL. Then, closing out the week on Friday, October 30th, DJ Nova Sakigake brings us her usual Teutonic assortment of Industrial and goth, 7-9pm SL. IM MissLily Nightfire for a tp.

Also, a reminder: we're looking for people to join the Novem Family. We're in need of a Host/ess; graphic artists; dancers; wenches; Euro/Aussie timed DJs; and more. Talk to MissLily Nightfire, AliceWendy Bookmite, or Lulu Seetan if you're interested.

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