Thursday, July 31, 2008

This past Wednesday, Fairy Tale characters of every ilk populated the magical grounds at Novem, as we hosted our weekly event, this time celebrating tales of enchantment and woe. Let me start by thanking Mr. Hap Underwood, who created a Glass Slipper for us in honor of the occasion. Hap never fails to surprise and delight. Check out his other creations at Irkmade. (I believe, however, that the slipper is still a prototype.)

The costume winners this week were Doctor Augustus Dayafter of Seraph Enterprises, and Mrs. Jenny Merryman of Jenny Lane Soapmakers. Each winner received a pumpkin cottage provided by LeeLu Anatine.

Little fairy princess Gematria SteelGears did a fine job as co-hostess with Lulu Seetan. You'd almost think that Gem had done this kind of thing before....

Next week's event is PIRACY ON THE PALISADE! (Insert pirate vernacular here....)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Follow the Breadcrumbs!

This Wednesday, July 30th is Fairy Tale night at Novem, 8-10pm SL. Come as your favorite fairy tale character for a chance to win an amazing prize! This week's set design is by Lulu Seetan--take a look at the magical surroundings she has created for us. She will also be hosting the event with Gematria SteelGears. Music will once again be provided by Mitsu Figaro of Radio Riel. Come down and see that Fairy Tales can come true!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Industrial Revolution at Novem--7-9pm SL

As happens in steampunk land, the wheels of industry keep turning and things change. So, tonight, and for the next few weeks, Friday Night Lounge is being replace by Industrial Revolution--a night of goth and industrial music, provided by DJ Nova Sakigake, 7-9pm SL on Fridays. So wear your dark Victorian steampunk garb and come dance with us!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flying High!

Another whiz bang event at Novem: The Muses Playhouse this Wednesday, July 23rd. Airship Day saw a record crowd as people rode the Aer Traba Lily (*blush*) and danced to the music of DJ Mitsu Figaro. The build was designed and constructed by Brandlew Babenco, a name to watch, for sure! The ship will still be docked at Novem for a few more days, so come on by and take a look.

Lulu Seetan did a great job of co-hosting with young Master Darien Mason, who seems to have gone through some sort of time travel thingy, only to come out the other end as his 12 year old self. Hmmm...good thing that Novem is all ages now.

This week's costume prizes were awarded to Kol Wysznik for Best Captain, and to yours truly for Best Crew. Kol's prize was a piano, and mine was a metal robot guy, both built and donated by Brandlew (sorry BB--I didn't see the prize up close yet, as Lulu hasn't given it to me yet!) Lulu took some off-the-cuff pics at the event, so check our
Flickr to see what you missed, or to possibly see yourself in our photo stream. I'll include links to other pictures as I get them.

A special thanks goes out to Flea Habilis, who, once again, helped us put together out gift items. If you did't receive one, become a member of our group and one should be available in the Past Notices. Or, IM me in world if you would. If I've forgotten to thank anyone, please forgive me, as I'm still recuperating from the event...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Airship Day at Novem!

Take off for the skies this Wednesday, July 23, 8-10pm SL, when Novem: The Muses Playhouse celebrates Airship Days in New Babbage! Come see the magnificent build by Brandlew Babenco. Win prizes for Best Captain, and for Best Crew! Dance! Trivia! Fun for all ages! Music by Mitsu Figaro of Radio Riel. Hosted by Dr. Darien "Dodo" Mason, and Miss Lulu "Cute as a Button" Seetan.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hmmm....Is this who I look like?

I was looking at the blog of Miss Cornelia Rothschild and was intrigued by a recent post of hers. There was a picture of her avatar in the center of 8 other people who looked like her. I decided to try this with MissLily Nightfire, but my results were decidedly different. I think it's based on hairstyle in my case. Judge for yourself:

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family history - Genelogy

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wonderland in Babbage!

Due to the popularity of our Alice in Wonderland set at The Muses Playhouse, we'll be leaving it up through Sunday, July 20th. Last night's Lewis Carroll event was a great success, with lots of new friends in attendance, as well as our favorite old friends returning. Unfortunately Vivian went mad and was unable to attend, so my co-hostess for the evening was the increasingly insane Lulu Seetan.

Per my request, Mistu changed things up a bit, music-wise, going, instead, for a "demented carnival sound," and the crowd loved it. Great work, Mitsu!

Everybody outdid themselves with the costumes last night--you people keep getting more and more creative with every week. Our birdbrained host Darien Mason was a Dodo. Lulu Seetan was the top Alice of the pack, having won the title "Most Wondrous Character" (the prize was a tea table set donated by Christine McAllister--thanks very much). A few mad hatters dotted the crowd, with Xavier Wilkinson AGAIN winning the contest (Maddest Character). He won a gigantic chess set created and donated by Flea Habilis. (And thanks Flea for all you help greeting people, making cloud chairs, giving me hugs, etc.) Flea was a particularly sexy bunny, as was her friend whose name escapes me...sorry! Then there was a Donnie Darko bunny (Dr. Dayafter); a ketchup eating bunny (Wires Blackburn), as well as some cute bunnies, some playing cards, some glamorous ladies, a flamingo, a few cats I believe.... All around--a great turn out.

You can see pictures at our flickr page, and also at the following location, thanks to Affinity Moody.

We're leaving the giant chess set on the roof of the flats across the street to the south of Novem, so if you want to play, feel free. There are floating cloud chairs in place for you to see the board with ease.

Next week's theme, Airship Day. Then the following week....PIRATES!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome One and All

Starting in about an hour (appx. 3pm SL), Novem: the Muses Playhouse will be open to all SL residents. Vivian and I have thought long and hard (heh heh) about this and have decided to take down the pictures of people engaging in acts of love as god had intended. In other words, the porn is coming off the walls. Also, the sex bed will be gone. (But if you ask nicely, perhaps we'll tell you where it is....)

In this new age to come, folks of every age, gender, and species are invited to attend our events. No more urchins peeping in the windows looking to see who's doing what to whom. No more people using the sex beds without permission. No more bare-breasted mermaids (sorry Genie--frankly I thought you were a magnificent mermaid, but some bureaucrat decided you needed to be covered up--it sure as hell wasn't me!).

But worry not people: we will renew our focus on this part of the business in due time. We have a cunning plan, and the bawdy vision that Vivian and I have had from the beginning will continue to grow and fluourish...just, perhaps, not here. Watch this space for more news to come.

In the meantime, all are welcome to attend our celebration of all things Lewis Carroll tomorrow from 7-9pm SL. Or stop by any time during the day to experience our Wonderland set, with photo ops galore, and steaming dance music. ~Lily, aka "Dinah" for the Lewis Carroll event.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday Night Lounge

This past Friday we had another nice turnout for our new Friday Night Lounge. And it's not just Fridays--we have music playing all the time, so come on over and use our dance floor (right click on the copper floor to start), or use the couples dance machine (right click again). We've had an influx of people around since Loki Eliot's beautiful machinima hit the web, so thanks for the good PR, young Master Eliot. We've made some new friends here at Novem, so stop by and I'm sure you'll see some new folks hovering around.

"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" week at Novem!

Happy Bastille Day! Heads will be rolling all week at Novem! Starting today there will be a guillotine on the first landing on the stairs, for you to take care of those that have overstepped their authority. (There are some "naughty poses" on the guillotine, so please, please, PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM, or I will be booted out of town and there will be no more fun parties! But blood and decapitation are fine, so knock yourselves out.)

Then on Wednesday, 7-9pm SL, the mayhem continues with our "All Things Lewis Carroll, All the Time" event. We'll have a free "Gift Hookah" filled with assorted goodies pertaining to Mr. Carroll and the Alice stories. The costume contest will be for Maddest Character, and for Most Wondrous Character. Christine McAllister Pearse is graciously donating one of this week's prizes, a boxed tea table set with scones, sandwich assortment, a pot of tea and a table. Thank you very much Mrs. Pearse--you and your husband have been most kind. There will also be a Lewis Carroll exhibit on loan from the Caledon Library, thanks to the very generious Sir JJ Drinkwater. So dress up, come on down, and have fun with us at The Muses Playhouse.

As usual, the events are being presented by MissLily Nightfire and her lovely sister in crime, MissVivian Looming. On Wednesday our charming host is the dashing (and a bit mad) Dr. Darien Mason; and music will be provided by Dr. Mitsu Figaro of Radio Riel.

Friday, July 11, 2008

This Wednesday brought another crowd of folks to Novem: The Muses Playhouse, this week the celebration being in honor of Nikola Tesla's Birthday. Doc Mason did a splendid job as host...when he finally arrived *cough*. And again we had the wonderful Dr. Mitsu Figaro spinning tunes for us. (And I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you can't swing a dead urchin in New Babbage without hitting a Doctor. Dr. Augustus Dayafter was also in attendance at the soiree, although, frankly, I don't think he's a real doctor.)

For this week's theme, the costume contest was for Best Mad Scientist and Best Guinea Pig, the prize for the former going to Quinn Galthie, and the latter going to Xavier Wilkinson. Quinn's prize was a Studley Toolchest, generously donated by Mr. Edward Pearse (available for purchase at Pearse on Babbage). Xavier's prize was
hysterical paroxysm device, invented by Iason Hassanov, who is one mad genius, his own self. And if anyone out there wants to purchase this device, contact Iason in world. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this machine, although I'm finding that a single treatment isn't quite enough!

And along those lines, Wednesday's event turned out to be quite a bawdy event, with Mr. Wilkinson demonstrating his prize (although I don't think he really knew what would happen when he clicked that pink ball), and wild talk by various ladies in attendance. I was very happy to see this side of my neighbor ladies.

As usual, the lovely and talented Lulu Seetan documented the festivities. That woman does have an eye.... Check out pictures from this and other events at Flickr. That picture above is me in my Dolly avatar, portraying "A Product of Mason Labs." I'm giving Mr. Hassanov a great big hug and getting the life crushed out of me. Oh well, such is the life of a Doll. Thank goodness I have Doc Mason to put me back together again.

Next Wednesday's event: A Salute to Lewis Carroll, 7-9pm SL.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Calling all Mad Scientists and their willing (or not so willing) subjects! Celebrate the birthday of Nikola Tesla at The Muses Playhouse this Wednesday, July 9th, 7-9pm SL. There will be prizes for the Evilest Genius, and for Best Result of Tampering with Nature. Also--Trivia! Dancing! Potions! (The Muses Playhouse would like to state, for the record, that we in no way believe Nikola Tesla to be a "Mad Scientist." That would be that other guy....) Come revel in the electricity!


Muses Playhouse Flickr Stream

We've set up a Muses Playhouse photo stream at Flickr. Check it out. Here's an example of what you might see there:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing: Friday Night Lounge!

No theme. No contests. Just smooth music, cold absinthe, cool tunes and a front row seat to our new dancing booth.

Come as you are and bring some stimulating conversation. Our girls like that.

Here's a look at last week's impromptu event. It happened to have been Independence Day in the U.S. of A., and we were attacked by Red Coats. But, as often is the case, we gave them some tea and they drank up and joined in the fun.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Land for Sale - Novem Heights

Two 1024m double-prim lots in Babbage Palisade. May be purchased seperately or together. Perfect for private home, apartments, shops, laboratory, urchin hideout. Contact Misslily Nightfire inworld with a notecard containing your sealed bid, minimum 12L/sqare meter for each property. Winning bid will be chosen on Saturday July 5th at 7pm SLT.

Property use regulated by New Babbage Covenant. Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket has final say on transfer of ownership.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Robot Friends came to Dance -- by Miss Lily

Last Wednesday, June 25th Novem held its celebration of Boilerplate/Clockwork Day with a tribute to our non-organic friends. Bots came from wide-flung areas of the grid to show what they're made of, and to dance to the music of Mitsu Figaro from Radio Riel. Yours truly was flattered to have been voted "Cutest Construct," the prize being a Dolly AV donated by the super fabulous katatOnik Pidgeon. I must say, I think I will make a lovely doll. But I will let you be the judge. (See picture at end of piece.) Coincidentally, my avatar for the evening (designed by Juliet Ceres) was procured at the Axis Mundi Sim where Miss Pidgeon holds court. No need for a recount--I've been told it was a landslide! *wink* Take a look at the pictures and you'll see that it was inevitable. I believe the prancing AO was what put me over the top. (Although, honestly, except for the difference in color, Vivian and I were identical. That's me in turquoise, and Viv in pink.)

The prize for "Most Intimidating Construct" was awarded to Xavier Wilkinson, and Xavier will receive an avatar of choice from Grendel's Children, donated by Flea Bussy.

Setting off the look of the evening was a lawn robot, created by Almia Thayer, which stood watch over the bouncing crowd; and the backdrop for the event, which was a reproduction of a painting by Eric Joyner, entitled, "The Final Blow," depicting the knockout of one Rock'em Sock'em Robot(tm) by another. Check out Eric's show at the Museum of Robots, and, if you're in San Francisco Bay area, see his paintings in person at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Ok, here's me in my Dolly avatar. Am I not just adorable! Um, yeah, i know...a little bit creepy. But I still like it!