Sunday, July 13, 2008

"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" week at Novem!

Happy Bastille Day! Heads will be rolling all week at Novem! Starting today there will be a guillotine on the first landing on the stairs, for you to take care of those that have overstepped their authority. (There are some "naughty poses" on the guillotine, so please, please, PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM, or I will be booted out of town and there will be no more fun parties! But blood and decapitation are fine, so knock yourselves out.)

Then on Wednesday, 7-9pm SL, the mayhem continues with our "All Things Lewis Carroll, All the Time" event. We'll have a free "Gift Hookah" filled with assorted goodies pertaining to Mr. Carroll and the Alice stories. The costume contest will be for Maddest Character, and for Most Wondrous Character. Christine McAllister Pearse is graciously donating one of this week's prizes, a boxed tea table set with scones, sandwich assortment, a pot of tea and a table. Thank you very much Mrs. Pearse--you and your husband have been most kind. There will also be a Lewis Carroll exhibit on loan from the Caledon Library, thanks to the very generious Sir JJ Drinkwater. So dress up, come on down, and have fun with us at The Muses Playhouse.

As usual, the events are being presented by MissLily Nightfire and her lovely sister in crime, MissVivian Looming. On Wednesday our charming host is the dashing (and a bit mad) Dr. Darien Mason; and music will be provided by Dr. Mitsu Figaro of Radio Riel.

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