Thursday, July 31, 2008

This past Wednesday, Fairy Tale characters of every ilk populated the magical grounds at Novem, as we hosted our weekly event, this time celebrating tales of enchantment and woe. Let me start by thanking Mr. Hap Underwood, who created a Glass Slipper for us in honor of the occasion. Hap never fails to surprise and delight. Check out his other creations at Irkmade. (I believe, however, that the slipper is still a prototype.)

The costume winners this week were Doctor Augustus Dayafter of Seraph Enterprises, and Mrs. Jenny Merryman of Jenny Lane Soapmakers. Each winner received a pumpkin cottage provided by LeeLu Anatine.

Little fairy princess Gematria SteelGears did a fine job as co-hostess with Lulu Seetan. You'd almost think that Gem had done this kind of thing before....

Next week's event is PIRACY ON THE PALISADE! (Insert pirate vernacular here....)

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