Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome One and All

Starting in about an hour (appx. 3pm SL), Novem: the Muses Playhouse will be open to all SL residents. Vivian and I have thought long and hard (heh heh) about this and have decided to take down the pictures of people engaging in acts of love as god had intended. In other words, the porn is coming off the walls. Also, the sex bed will be gone. (But if you ask nicely, perhaps we'll tell you where it is....)

In this new age to come, folks of every age, gender, and species are invited to attend our events. No more urchins peeping in the windows looking to see who's doing what to whom. No more people using the sex beds without permission. No more bare-breasted mermaids (sorry Genie--frankly I thought you were a magnificent mermaid, but some bureaucrat decided you needed to be covered up--it sure as hell wasn't me!).

But worry not people: we will renew our focus on this part of the business in due time. We have a cunning plan, and the bawdy vision that Vivian and I have had from the beginning will continue to grow and fluourish...just, perhaps, not here. Watch this space for more news to come.

In the meantime, all are welcome to attend our celebration of all things Lewis Carroll tomorrow from 7-9pm SL. Or stop by any time during the day to experience our Wonderland set, with photo ops galore, and steaming dance music. ~Lily, aka "Dinah" for the Lewis Carroll event.

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Darien Mason said...

A difficult decision but a financially savvy one for sure. We have great plans for the second floor renovation...keep reading the Playbill for upcoming details!