Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flying High!

Another whiz bang event at Novem: The Muses Playhouse this Wednesday, July 23rd. Airship Day saw a record crowd as people rode the Aer Traba Lily (*blush*) and danced to the music of DJ Mitsu Figaro. The build was designed and constructed by Brandlew Babenco, a name to watch, for sure! The ship will still be docked at Novem for a few more days, so come on by and take a look.

Lulu Seetan did a great job of co-hosting with young Master Darien Mason, who seems to have gone through some sort of time travel thingy, only to come out the other end as his 12 year old self. Hmmm...good thing that Novem is all ages now.

This week's costume prizes were awarded to Kol Wysznik for Best Captain, and to yours truly for Best Crew. Kol's prize was a piano, and mine was a metal robot guy, both built and donated by Brandlew (sorry BB--I didn't see the prize up close yet, as Lulu hasn't given it to me yet!) Lulu took some off-the-cuff pics at the event, so check our
Flickr to see what you missed, or to possibly see yourself in our photo stream. I'll include links to other pictures as I get them.

A special thanks goes out to Flea Habilis, who, once again, helped us put together out gift items. If you did't receive one, become a member of our group and one should be available in the Past Notices. Or, IM me in world if you would. If I've forgotten to thank anyone, please forgive me, as I'm still recuperating from the event...

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