Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Raining....frogs?

Last night good friend of Port Novem, Cookie Bookmite (no relation), answered a call for help over the Winterfell Group Chat. Ok, it was a call for a place to dance, but Cookie let Isole Juliesse know that there is always streaming music at Port Novem, and suggested that she come over and dance there. Cookie made an announcement to the Muses Playhouse group (please join, if you're not already a member), and in a short time the place was jumping. And speaking of jumping, pictured above is Lulu Seetan keeping her cool in a deluge of toads, courtesy of our new friend Wrath Constantine. Cookie is dancing under a torrent of cats and dogs, while Cyn Sweetwater, Magdalena Kamenev, Dybbuk Denimore, Tinker Imako, and Wrath Constantine dance under the falling sparkles. (Sorry about the crappy picture--I think Cookie must have been licking the toads!) Check out our Flickr Stream for more pics.

Anytime someone wants a place to dance, keep Port Novem in mind and feel free to use the facilities for yourselves and your friends. See you all soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Thanks to Port Novem's erstwhile host Darien Mason for reminding me it's Oktoberfest time, so let's get in the swing of things and polka till dawn! Come to Port Novem and dance in the Biergarten, have a brew, and enjoy the pleasant September weather in Winterfell Laudanum! Festivities continue from now till...hmm...let's say Sunday. I believe Miss Gematria Schteelgearz will be there to greet you tonight--ask her for a dance! (All this said, I'm still at "work" and haven't had time to decorate yet, so use those imaginations an pretend you're in the heart of Bavaria!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Word of the Day: Copacetic

I am as happy as a clam with the way things are going at Port Novem. We've had a steady turn out, and have a regular schedule of events Wednesdays through Friday. Lately, however, it seems that one night of each week is a little bit different: one week it was a Wake for a dead demon; the next it was a rez day party for Dr. Darien Mason.

And this week, it's yet another rez day party. This one should be an absolute hoot: Miss Stacks Kowalski, blogger about her SL "sexcapades," is celebrating one year on the grid in true Stacksaplenty fashion: Stacks is renting out a venue in an Italian sim, which boasts a giant plate of profiteroles you can climb on, and a circus tent with a tightrope and trapeze that you can use to show off your high wire expertise. Oh, and there will be rampant sex with latex-clad beings. Mmhmmm... Check out Stacks' blog to decide if this is the kind of person you want to fraternize with! (If I hadn't already made other plans, I'd be climbing into the orgy pit with everyone else...I hope there are lots of pictures!) Contact me in world if you'd like to attend this...occasion. All are welcome!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Week a Smashing Success!!!

Thanks to all of you who came to Port Novem this past week. I've never met so many fun and friendly people!! My first week went swimmingly! And, omg--you DJs! You totally ROCK! Kiralette Kelley, your choice of big band music was stellar! Annastina Christensen played the best in requests and dance tunes. And Nova Sakigake played top-shelf Goth, Industrial, and requests on Friday evening. All DJ shifts are 7-9pm SL, with Anna on Wednesday, Kira on Thursday, and Nova on Friday. Come see what everyone's talking about! *grinz*

I can't wait to see all your happy faces again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let me introduce myself!

I'm AliceWendy Bookmite, (aka Alice) the new manager of Port Novem (formerly Novem: Port in the Storm; formerly Novem: Winterfell; formerly Novem: the Muses Playhouse). My goodness, what a mouthful! But it's smooth sailing into Port Novem from this point out!

I met LuLu Seetan ages ago at a club known for its dancing dead girls, so when MissLily decided to go on a break from Second Life, LuLu called me and I jumped up and twirled around saying YES! PICK ME! PICK ME! And here I am! *grinz*

"What's new about this Novem? What's the same?" I hear the crowd clammoring for information, so here goes--Port Novem is the new name. We are still having parties on Wednesdays (Big Band), Thursdays (eclectic), and Fridays (Goth and Industrial). I moved the buildings around on the Novem land so that the tavern is at the front of the property, and a Victorian house is at the rear. There are nice places to sit, swing, and play so take some time to explore the property.

The first event I will oversee will be a sad one. I have been recruited as Funeral Director for the Wake and Memorial for *looks back over her notes* This can't be right...Bloodwing? I don't know Bloodwing, but Gematria SteelGears has asked me to put together a tribute for him, and since I have experience planning events, I said ok! I'm up for a challange! :D Oopsies. I should not smile when someone is dead, even if it's a Demon. I will be professional in the duties put to me. Gematria is trusting me to do a good job, so I shall! If anybody has a picture of Bloodwing I can use for a memorial display you can give it to me in Second Life.

I'm very excited about the new direction LuLu has said I can take Port Novem in! You're asking yourself "WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS?!! WHERE ARE THE MUSES???!!!" LuLu and I will plan and you will find out soon! I hope you will be excited too!!!!!