Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Raining....frogs?

Last night good friend of Port Novem, Cookie Bookmite (no relation), answered a call for help over the Winterfell Group Chat. Ok, it was a call for a place to dance, but Cookie let Isole Juliesse know that there is always streaming music at Port Novem, and suggested that she come over and dance there. Cookie made an announcement to the Muses Playhouse group (please join, if you're not already a member), and in a short time the place was jumping. And speaking of jumping, pictured above is Lulu Seetan keeping her cool in a deluge of toads, courtesy of our new friend Wrath Constantine. Cookie is dancing under a torrent of cats and dogs, while Cyn Sweetwater, Magdalena Kamenev, Dybbuk Denimore, Tinker Imako, and Wrath Constantine dance under the falling sparkles. (Sorry about the crappy picture--I think Cookie must have been licking the toads!) Check out our Flickr Stream for more pics.

Anytime someone wants a place to dance, keep Port Novem in mind and feel free to use the facilities for yourselves and your friends. See you all soon!

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