Monday, September 15, 2008

Word of the Day: Copacetic

I am as happy as a clam with the way things are going at Port Novem. We've had a steady turn out, and have a regular schedule of events Wednesdays through Friday. Lately, however, it seems that one night of each week is a little bit different: one week it was a Wake for a dead demon; the next it was a rez day party for Dr. Darien Mason.

And this week, it's yet another rez day party. This one should be an absolute hoot: Miss Stacks Kowalski, blogger about her SL "sexcapades," is celebrating one year on the grid in true Stacksaplenty fashion: Stacks is renting out a venue in an Italian sim, which boasts a giant plate of profiteroles you can climb on, and a circus tent with a tightrope and trapeze that you can use to show off your high wire expertise. Oh, and there will be rampant sex with latex-clad beings. Mmhmmm... Check out Stacks' blog to decide if this is the kind of person you want to fraternize with! (If I hadn't already made other plans, I'd be climbing into the orgy pit with everyone else...I hope there are lots of pictures!) Contact me in world if you'd like to attend this...occasion. All are welcome!

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