Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let me introduce myself!

I'm AliceWendy Bookmite, (aka Alice) the new manager of Port Novem (formerly Novem: Port in the Storm; formerly Novem: Winterfell; formerly Novem: the Muses Playhouse). My goodness, what a mouthful! But it's smooth sailing into Port Novem from this point out!

I met LuLu Seetan ages ago at a club known for its dancing dead girls, so when MissLily decided to go on a break from Second Life, LuLu called me and I jumped up and twirled around saying YES! PICK ME! PICK ME! And here I am! *grinz*

"What's new about this Novem? What's the same?" I hear the crowd clammoring for information, so here goes--Port Novem is the new name. We are still having parties on Wednesdays (Big Band), Thursdays (eclectic), and Fridays (Goth and Industrial). I moved the buildings around on the Novem land so that the tavern is at the front of the property, and a Victorian house is at the rear. There are nice places to sit, swing, and play so take some time to explore the property.

The first event I will oversee will be a sad one. I have been recruited as Funeral Director for the Wake and Memorial for *looks back over her notes* This can't be right...Bloodwing? I don't know Bloodwing, but Gematria SteelGears has asked me to put together a tribute for him, and since I have experience planning events, I said ok! I'm up for a challange! :D Oopsies. I should not smile when someone is dead, even if it's a Demon. I will be professional in the duties put to me. Gematria is trusting me to do a good job, so I shall! If anybody has a picture of Bloodwing I can use for a memorial display you can give it to me in Second Life.

I'm very excited about the new direction LuLu has said I can take Port Novem in! You're asking yourself "WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS?!! WHERE ARE THE MUSES???!!!" LuLu and I will plan and you will find out soon! I hope you will be excited too!!!!!

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