Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wonderland in Babbage!

Due to the popularity of our Alice in Wonderland set at The Muses Playhouse, we'll be leaving it up through Sunday, July 20th. Last night's Lewis Carroll event was a great success, with lots of new friends in attendance, as well as our favorite old friends returning. Unfortunately Vivian went mad and was unable to attend, so my co-hostess for the evening was the increasingly insane Lulu Seetan.

Per my request, Mistu changed things up a bit, music-wise, going, instead, for a "demented carnival sound," and the crowd loved it. Great work, Mitsu!

Everybody outdid themselves with the costumes last night--you people keep getting more and more creative with every week. Our birdbrained host Darien Mason was a Dodo. Lulu Seetan was the top Alice of the pack, having won the title "Most Wondrous Character" (the prize was a tea table set donated by Christine McAllister--thanks very much). A few mad hatters dotted the crowd, with Xavier Wilkinson AGAIN winning the contest (Maddest Character). He won a gigantic chess set created and donated by Flea Habilis. (And thanks Flea for all you help greeting people, making cloud chairs, giving me hugs, etc.) Flea was a particularly sexy bunny, as was her friend whose name escapes me...sorry! Then there was a Donnie Darko bunny (Dr. Dayafter); a ketchup eating bunny (Wires Blackburn), as well as some cute bunnies, some playing cards, some glamorous ladies, a flamingo, a few cats I believe.... All around--a great turn out.

You can see pictures at our flickr page, and also at the following location, thanks to Affinity Moody.

We're leaving the giant chess set on the roof of the flats across the street to the south of Novem, so if you want to play, feel free. There are floating cloud chairs in place for you to see the board with ease.

Next week's theme, Airship Day. Then the following week....PIRATES!!!

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