Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Robot Friends came to Dance -- by Miss Lily

Last Wednesday, June 25th Novem held its celebration of Boilerplate/Clockwork Day with a tribute to our non-organic friends. Bots came from wide-flung areas of the grid to show what they're made of, and to dance to the music of Mitsu Figaro from Radio Riel. Yours truly was flattered to have been voted "Cutest Construct," the prize being a Dolly AV donated by the super fabulous katatOnik Pidgeon. I must say, I think I will make a lovely doll. But I will let you be the judge. (See picture at end of piece.) Coincidentally, my avatar for the evening (designed by Juliet Ceres) was procured at the Axis Mundi Sim where Miss Pidgeon holds court. No need for a recount--I've been told it was a landslide! *wink* Take a look at the pictures and you'll see that it was inevitable. I believe the prancing AO was what put me over the top. (Although, honestly, except for the difference in color, Vivian and I were identical. That's me in turquoise, and Viv in pink.)

The prize for "Most Intimidating Construct" was awarded to Xavier Wilkinson, and Xavier will receive an avatar of choice from Grendel's Children, donated by Flea Bussy.

Setting off the look of the evening was a lawn robot, created by Almia Thayer, which stood watch over the bouncing crowd; and the backdrop for the event, which was a reproduction of a painting by Eric Joyner, entitled, "The Final Blow," depicting the knockout of one Rock'em Sock'em Robot(tm) by another. Check out Eric's show at the Museum of Robots, and, if you're in San Francisco Bay area, see his paintings in person at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Ok, here's me in my Dolly avatar. Am I not just adorable! Um, yeah, i know...a little bit creepy. But I still like it!

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