Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Around the Corner--The Grand Finale!

The end is in sight. Sunday, March 1st, 6pm SLT---Come join me in saying goodbye to the Novem franchise. It's been a crazy year, so I'd like to commemorate it appropriately.... Remember all the fuss about live sex shows, and nipples, and architecture that defied the laws of physics? (gasp!)Well, let's relive those moments and many more, and have a wake befitting the harlot that is Novem. Discover, at long last, what's behind the green door.

The theme for the last dance is an Alt Masquerade. Don't come as you are---come as who you want to be. Create an Alt (or use one you already have) and let your Freak Flag Fly! Do what you dare not do, lest the neighbors on respectable street discover your nasty habits.

There will be dancing, with music provided by two of Novem's DJs; Naked Innertube Racing (yes, I've been talking about this for a long time, but this time it's really happening!); some Novem trivia with cash prizes; and a "Back Room" for the more adventurous of the attendees. A wonderful prize will be awarded for most creative avatar name, and one for most remarkable character. Join us, won't you? Contact me, MissLily Nightfire, for details.

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Bamika Easterman said...

I have missed you in second life. Perhaps you could drop me an email. mistress_bamika(at)yahoo(dot)com