Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

It's been almost a month since the big move, and The Muses Playhouse has made a successful transition to its current location in Winterfell Laudanum. Miss Serra has been very welcoming to us, and we look forward to continued success here. However, there will be one change in the Novem line-up: as of August 31, I will be stepping down as co-owner/manager of Novem: Winterfell. I had hopes that the move to a new venue would alleviate some of the stress in my SL, but as of yet the pain of the past still outweighs the rewards.

Taking my place will be a friend of Lulu's, AliceWendy Bookmite, who has worked at other clubs in SL. Viv and Lulu know that her experience and enthusiasm will bring a new and feisty twist to the Novem business, furthering what I started. I'm not quitting SL entirely, but I am taking a step back from the business end of things. I wish Lulu and Vivian much luck in whatever direction they wish to take Novem. Please direct all questions about the business of Novem to Lulu Seetan.

(BTW, i understand there is to be an establishment with a name similar to my own, in another Sim. I am not involved in that venture, but I wish them all the luck in the world.)

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