Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Next Chapter

When I came to Babbage Palisade so many months ago to help my sister Vivian run her brothel, I felt that the world was my oyster. We loved Steampunk and were excited to find a town that so totally captured what we liked about it. She and I commissioned a remarkable building, modeled after one by H.H. Richardson. As the months went on, our plans for Novem morphed and changed, from a burlesque theatre to, finally, a location for weekly themed entertainment. All the while, the escort business was firmly part of the plan. However, because of one thing and another (complaints from neighbors, building code violations, etc.), it was only a matter of time before the business changed its face. Vivian has busied herself with other projects, and our younger sister, Lulu Seetan, stepped up to co-host the Wednesday events with either Darien Mason or Gematria SteelGears.

Darien has gone through some changes, his own self: you might have noticed that he looks a bit younger than he did a month ago. It seems that the good Doctor had some sort of run-in with...a space-time continuum? A wormhole? I have no idea what happened to him, but for the time being he's a precocious 13 year old boy, full of youthful enthusiasm and bad judgement. I suffered the repercussion of this venturesome cocktail myself when the boy blew up our landmark building. Coming home one evening, instead of finding our magnificent stone structure, I saw a ramshackle wharf building filled with crates, barrels, and rum. This turned out to be fortuitous, however, as the theme for this week's event was "Piracy on the Palisade!"

For the event this past Wednesday, Gabrielle Riel herself filled in for the vacationing Mitsu Figaro, and man did she play some tunes. I had requested reggae/Caribbean/Latin music, and she did not disappoint. The crowd had a great time. The Best Pirate prizes went to Jenny Merryman for Best Female, and to Huntington Albatros for Best Male. Thanks to Fauve Aeon and Star Fairymeadow, respectively, for supplying this week's prizes.

After the prizes were given out, my staff and I were surprised by a turn in the normally pleasant demeanor of the men of the S.S. Seraph. Captain Maelstorme Smythe ordered August Dayafter and Gregoe Zlatkis to take me, Lulu, and Gematria up to their ship. We were manhandled (yay!) and forced to board their ship, but were then unceremoniously dumped at Winterfell Laudanum--no ransom demand, no plundering--just thrown overboard! Hmph.

But Winterfell turns out to be just what the Novem family needs right now: a quiet, beautiful spot to offer up our particular brand of entertainment (dancing, girls, and dancing girls...), in a Sim that does not have quite as many stifling regulations. I enjoyed our stay in Babbage, but the time had come to move on. And now, finding ourselves really liking the pirate motif, we put up a small tavern that fits this theme nicely. It even has a "naughty room" upstairs!

So, come by to look at our new digs, toss back an ale or two, drink some rum, and play with a strumpet. I think you'll enjoy the change of scenery. (Until I get the SLurl for the location, IM me or Lulu Seetan in world for more information.

OH! Next week's theme, on Wednesday, August 13th, from 8-10pm SL, is "VILLIANS--on the stage, and off the page!"

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