Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Piracy on the Palisade!

The day has come--Piracy on the Palisade is upon us! Avast ye blowholes and shiver me chum bucket! Have we got booty for you! In addition to the usual demented trivia questions (worth $L100 each), we have prizes for best pirate costumes. Best Female Pirate wins a beautiful pirate dolly key created for us by Fauve Aeon of All Dolled Up. "A key," you ask? Oh, it's not just any key--it's called "Double Jeopardy" and, according to Fauve, it is loaded with "pyrate goodness!" It has a drop-down menu with 8 custom winds, ticks on and off, and comes with a configurable note card to allow permission for people to wind the Doll. It tattles in chat when unauthorized users touch it, and "gives them a shock!" It will be offered for sale in the main ADU shop for L$500.

Prize for Best Male Pirate is a L$500 gift card donated by Star Fairymeadow of Wretched Dollies. You can see her enchanting merchandise in world at her shops in Winterfell Absinthe, or take a look at her online shop at SLExchange.

So, haul yer patooties to Novem: The Muses Playhouse tonight, 8-10pm SL. The parcel has been transformed into a tavern after a mishap with the original building (*growls* Thank you Darien...grrr...). Just tp to the usual location. Contact Lulu Seetan, MissLily Nightfire, or QliSteel Gears (aka Gematria SteelGears) for a ride if you need one.

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