Monday, November 24, 2008

And now for something completely different - Novem's Magic Lantern!

This Friday at 7pm at Port Novem we will have a new event. In the tradition of Myster Science Theater 3000 I present...

Novem's Magic Lantern!

To my knowledge this sort of experiment has been performed at the old Steelhead Theatre, at Polymath, and at a tiny dive on the Mainland called the Elbow Room.

But for the FIRST TIME on record participants are welcome to deride the film using both TEXT and VOICE.

Our first magic lantern show will be that horrible classic that Steelheaders love to hate, Saddle Mountain Roundup. Now a whole new generation of avatars can marvel at this piece of drek written generations before Political Correctness, featuring the World's Loneliest Cowboy and the World's Dumbest Goon!

Please show up promptly so everyone can synchronize their view of the film. (If any script maven devised a method to circumvent this, please contact me.)

Turn your View to Midnight, your Particles off, and please leave your extra prims at home.

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