Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Week at Port Novem

Just to remind you, we have DJs on Wednesdays through Fridays, so here's the schedule for this week, and the fare being offered up for your listening and dancing pleasure:

  • DJ Dybbuk is back on Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 7-9pm SL, spinning tunes from his embarrassingly extensive collection of New Wave music
  • Thursday brings DJ Kira with Big Band night. Come relax to the mellow sounds of Dean and Frank and Rosemary and all the rest. 7-9pm SL
  • Friday it's DJ Nova, 7-9pm SL, playing Industrial and Goth, so come on down for the Sturm und Drang
Also: For those of you looking to make a home on a steampunk sim, might I suggest Steelhead Port Harbor? This American Victorian Steampunk Industrial port is now prebooking, and Doc Mason and I have each staked out our claim on a little piece of industrial heaven. IM TotalLunar Eclipse for details. (And Novem is staying in Winterfell, so don't worry!)

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