Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now YOU Can Control the Weather!

Time for another plug. I'd like to introduce you to some fun items to make your SL property more festive. Otto Jeffries has come up with a line of creative elements to decorate your land. I first met Otto about 6 weeks ago, when he gave me a pack of pumpkin seeds which, when placed on the ground, grew into a pumpkin after pumpkin, that rolled away after growing. Since then, I've had the pleasure to own Otto's "Stumbo's Beanstalk" in my yard, which offers a nice place to sit at the top, when you've finally figured out how to climb it! And now, as winter is upon us, Otto brings us ice and snow: place these babies in your your yard and you've got enough flurries to get you through the upcoming season.

Otto's new shop, Mother's Nature can be found at disturbing world (67, 189, 21). Tell Otto that Lil sent you!

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